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AIGM      Hepatitis A AB, IgM
Reported as: HEP A AB IGM
Also known as: Hepatitis A, IGM, ANTI-HAV (IGM)
Specimen Requirements
Collect:  One gold gel 5.0 mL
Transport:   1.0 mL (min: 0.5 mL) serum refrigerated
Unacceptable Conditions:  Plasma
Gross hemolysis or heat treated specimens.
Stability:  Ambient: 24 Hours / Refrigerated: 7 Days / Frozen: 14 Days
Test Performance
Performed:  Daily
Reporting Time:  Final within 24 Hours
CPT Codes
Interpretive Information
Positive results - POS
Borderline results - BORD - Retest in 7 - 10 days recommended.
Resulting Information
Regulatory Requirements:  All required results are reported to the appropriate State Health Department.
Methodology:  Chemiluminescence
 Reference Ranges:
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